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Gospel Books for Kids
Printed in the Holy Land


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The Gift of Christmas - Rebecca's Diary, Bethlehem


Life in the Time of Jesus

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Can a Creature Be your Teacher?



These books by Jim Reimann would be an excellent addition to your home library and will give your little ones a love for God’s Word.

Review of Rev. Jim Reimann’s books
Jim Reimann’s delightful series of books will help children understand that Jesus is the Messiah and that
He loves them. Rev. Reimann’s books, with their gently rhyming verse, focus on New Testament stories
from the Bible. They are scripturally accurate and Christ-honoring. The lovely hand-drawn, colored
pictures will give young children a clear idea of the story as it unfolds. Any parent or grandparent would
do well to have these fun and informative books available at home for their families.

The books carried by INTELECTY are excellent bible story books for kids.


They sell very well; a book that is picked by parents and grandparents alike for their little ones.

The Old SchoolHouse

Full Review

The Galilee Experience

Full Review

In The Press


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Intelecty Ltd.  is a young and dynamic Publishing House, located in the Holy land – the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Our aim has been to familiarize young readers around the world with the Gospel stories of Jesus Christ and the Bible, and to connect them to His heritage through stories which are historically accurate.


Intelecty Ltd. started its journey with the books of the renowned, now late, Minister Jim Reimann and we continue following his path with some more talented authors and many new books.

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