This story is about Saint Stephen, a man full of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. He boldly proclaimed the gospel to the crowds and is persecuted, then stoned to death, making him the first person to be martyred for his faith. He saw the glory of God and was welcomed into heaven by Jesus. Hopefully, children will learn that Jesus welcomes those into heaven that belong to Him. 

ISBN: 9789657607244

Author: Rev. Jim Reimann

Illustrations: Rony Tamir

John 3:16 - Jesus and Nicodemus in Jerusalem

John 3:16 - Jesus and Nicodemus in Jerusalem is a story of Nicodemus, a Jewish leader. He comes to Jesus at night and wants to know how to enter the kingdom of God. Jesus shares that one must be “born again,” and anyone who trusts in Jesus can have eternal life. This story is based on the Scripture John 3:1-16. Hopefully, children will learn they may trust in Jesus and have eternal life. 

ISBN: 9789657607022

Author: Rev. Jim Reimann

Illustrations: Julia Pilipone Erez

Saul is Born Again

Saul Is Born Again is a story of the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus. Saul discovers that in his persecution of the believers, he was actually persecuting the Lord Himself. The Lord saved Saul and used him to spread the gospel to the known world and establish many churches. Saul was also inspired by God and wrote a large portion of the New Testament. 

ISBN: 9789657607190

Author: Rev. Jim Reimann

Illustrations: Rony Tamir


Stephen - The First Christian Martyr

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