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From English to Hebrew

You can learn all by yourself to read in Hebrew, without any help from
courses. Are you an English speaker? Are you interested in learning to read in Hebrew? Then you should buy the book 
From Hebrew to English
It will teach you how to read by yourself in Hebrew
without any outside help or expensive courses. This book not only teaches
how to read in Hebrew, it contains a certain amount of vocabulary as well. 
It will  teach you how to read signs, addresses and simple words in Hebrew. The book will also teach you to read prayers in the prayer book. After you have   learned to read in Hebrew you will be able to continue learning Hebrew at   a higher level.

ISBN: 9789657605752

Author:Menachem  Moshkovitz 

Arts  Graphic :  Eilat

Enter His Gates Book Cover

Enter  His Gates

To Your Jewish Roots

What is a Mezuzah?
Is Chanukah the Jewish Christmas?
Can I wear the prayer shawl?
What every good Gentile should know…
As you enter His  gates on your journey, it is my hope that my book will  encourage and enrich your spiritual walk.
Won’t you follow me?

ISBN: 9789659058402

Author: Susan Marcus


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