ISBN: 9789657607480

Author: Joseph Bloch

Illustrations: Nataliya Chernysheva

The football on the sea

This is the story of Panyee FC from Thailand, which did the impossible, becoming the champions of southern Thailand for seven years in a row, while the team practiced on a narrow pitch in the ocean, made from wooden boards, next to their small island home.

“We can all imagine a better future, but we need to know that it is in our power to make it real,” said Barasan, one of the founders of the team. “Our team was built on overcoming obstacles, no matter how insurmountable they appear.”

In order to dream big dreams and strive to fulfill them by any means possible, self-confidence, hard work and the willingness to take risks and fail are required. Only then can one reach far and high. The more we work on these qualities and skills, the better life is for our children.


Author: Nechama   Baruch

Illustrations: Lulu Soreck


The Wonderful Story of the Pelican

For centuries, the pelican has been a symbol of love and sacrifice.

In this book, readers will learn how pelicans eat, fly and provide for there families.

This wonderful bird's connection to the Holy Land is explored in magnificent detail, engaging text and inspiring art, informing and entertaining readers of all ages.



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