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Can a Creature Be Your Teacher?

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Tell a young child that God is a “rock” without any further explanation and it’s hard to know what conclusions he’ll draw.
Illustrate the idea with an animal seeking refuge from perilous waves on a large, solid rock, and he will begin to see what God offers him. 
By drawing parallels between the word of God and the familiar realm of nature and animals, which intrigue and appeal to children everywhere,this book is designed to shed light on concepts from the unseen spiritual realm that can be difficult for young children 
to grasp. 
In addition, the beautiful rhymes are written to engage the heart and senses of the reader and listener with the message in each of the verses. 
This book was produced by the staff and friends of The Bible Society in Israel and we desire it to be a blessing to children throughout the world.

ISBN: 9789657607480

Author: Joseph Bloch

Illustrations: Nataliya Chernysheva

Jesus loves the little children of the world book cover


Author :Nechma  Baruch

Illustrations: Lulu Sorek

Football on the Sea

This is the story of Panyee FC from Thailand, which did the impossible, becoming the champions of southern Thailand for seven years in a row, while the team practiced on a narrow pitch in the ocean, made from wooden boards, next to their small island home. “We can all imagine a better future, but we need to know that it is in our power to make it real,” said Barasan, one of the founders of the team. “Our team was built on overcoming obstacles, no matter how insurmountable they appear. ”In order to dream big dreams and strive to fulfill them by any means possible, self-confidence, hard work and the willingness to take risks and fail are required. Only then can one reach far and high. The more we work on these qualities and skills, the better life is for our children.

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Jesus loves the little children of the world book cover


Author :Nechma   Baruch

Illustrations: Lulu Sorek

The Old Man Who Threw Stars

(A New Adaption of an Old Story)

The Old Man Who Threw Stars is a new adaptation of a folk tale from the traditions of the Far East. These traditions deal, among other things, with the ability to experience the world with all of one’s senses, every moment; to live in the here and now. Translating to a modern Western language, we may refer to this concept as mindfulness, which supports consistently working on the ability to exhibit focused, non-judgmental attention on the experience of the here and now. The old man in the story experiences the moment, as demonstrated by his motions and actions, and thus he manages to carry out small but significant acts, even if the overall task may be infinite.



Author :Nechma   Baruch

Illustrations: Lulu Sorek

The Most Beautiful Thing

in the World

Squirrel and her Mommy are playing the game “The Best In the World,” when all of a sudden a deer dashes nearby, followed by many more animals. Why do the animals flee? What is happening in the forest? What will happen to Squirrel and her mother following this episode? 

The observation of post-traumatic growth is defined as discerning positive changes in the aftermath of traumatic events in self-perception, worldview and interpersonal relationships.

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World is intended to raise a discussion with children about growth emerging from complex and traumatic events and to address topics of crisis and growth, by way of projection, adapted for young readers.





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