For centuries, the pelican has been a symbol of love and sacrifice.
In this book, readers will learn how pelicans eat, fly and provide for their families.
This wonderful bird's connection to the Holy Land is explored in magnificent detail,
engaging text and inspiring art, informing and entertaining readers of all ages.
This version is a coloring book that will let your child bring the beautiful illustrations to
life with their own hand. A set of colored pencils is included.

This story recounts the announcement by the angel Gabriel to Mary of the birth of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It follows Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to
Bethlehem. It recounts Jesus’ birth and Him being placed in a manger where the
animals feed as well as the shepherds’ quest to find the baby Jesus and worship Him.
The story is based on Luke 1:26-35 and Luke 2:1-20, teaching children that the Lord
Jesus whom we worship was born a baby, just like we all are. 
This version is a coloring book that will let your child bring the beautiful illustrations to
life with their own hand. A set of colored pencils is included.

The Baptism of Jesus - a Coloring Book

Qasr-al-Yahud is located on the road to Jericho from Jerusalem and numerous churches were built here over the centuries. The site is also significant in the Jewish tradition,as it is believed to be the place where the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan when they entered Canaan.

The area is amazingly beautiful, and the trail to the Jordan is very tranquil, like an oasis. The visitors' facilities have been given the utmost care, with clear access to the river,showers and facilities for prayer. It is also wheelchair-accessible.    

ISBN: 9789657607558

Author: Rev. Jim Reimann

Illustrations: Naaliya Chernysheva

Ruth Mother of Monarchy - a Coloring Book

The Book of Ruth, Megilath Ruth, “the Scroll of Ruth” tellsthe story of Ruth, the Moabite, who accepted the God of theIsraelites as her God and the Israelite people as her own.In Ruth 1:16 and 17 Ruth tells Naomi, her Israelite motherin law, “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I willstay…” Ruth marries Boaz, who is a relative of Naomi’sdeceased husband and soon she gives birth to a son namedObed, who becomes the grandfather of King David.

ISBN: 9789657607589

Author: J.Spencer Bloch

Illustrations: Lulu Sorek

City of David - a Coloring Book

In this delightfully illustrated story, Elad the Dove takes the reader

through the 3,000-year history of Ir David, the City of David. From

the days of the Patriarchs to Temple times to the modern era, Elad

guides the young and the young at heart through the sites which lie at the crossroads of world events. It is a journey you will never forget!

The author, Joseph Bloch is an American-born writet and educator.

He has a deep love for the Holy Land. its history and traditions.

Married with three children. He lives in the jerusalem area.

ISBN: 9789657607565

Author: Joseph Bloch

Illustrations: Lulu Sorek

ISBN: 9789657607510

Author: Joseph Bloch

Illustrations: Nataliya Chernysheva

The Wonderful Story of the Pelican - a Coloring Book

Jesus is Born - a Coloring Book

ISBN: 9789657607541

Author: Rev. Jim Reimann

Illustrations: Julia Filipone Erez

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