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The Old Schoolhouse Review about Jim Reimann's books.

Rev. Jim Reimann authored a delightful series of Bible storybooks for children. While many different Bible storybooks are available on the market, Reimann’s series of softcover books uniquely focus on the Biblical culture and geography of Jesus’ time on earth. The books feature a variety of illustrators. So while the text is consistent, there is a wide range of styles within the accompanying illustrations.

The Baptism of Jesus gives the true Biblical account of John the Baptist baptizing his cousin, Jesus. Yet it also teaches the child about Yardenit, which traditionally is known as the site of Jesus’ baptism on the Jordan River. Reimann was not only an author but was also a Bible teacher and a tour guide for Holy Land tours (, so he had a unique perspective that many of us are unable to have.

Each softcover book is formatted in a similar fashion with four to eight lines of rhyming text. Softly colored illustrations give the child a simple, but realistic, picture of the Biblical account. I especially liked the faces of the characters in Jesus Is Alive as the emotions are clearly portrayed. From Jesus’ agony in the Garden of Gethsemane to the anger on the countenance of the religious leaders, the illustrator gives a truly personal touch to the story.

Jesus Raises a Little Girl to Life tells of the amazing miracle in Capernaum. The illustrations in this book were less refined, but the story is told beautifully. Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World appealed to my littlest ones because it ends with the timeless song that is so familiar in our home.

Jesus Heals a Little Boy is another miracle that took place in Capernaum. I appreciate how Reimann retells these amazing miracles while giving special attention to how children are so special to our Savior. The simple illustrations help the child to see how different people must have seen this remarkable event.

Jesus is Born ties the full story of Jesus’ birth together in a way that many children’s books neglect. It’s easy to focus on just one aspect of the story but Reimann does an excellent job of tying everything together: Gabriel’s announcement to Mary, the census which brought Joseph and Mary to King David’s city, the birth of the Child, and the worship of the shepherds. I appreciate how Reimann gives the perfect opportunity for parents to explain the connection between Old Testament prophecy – with the necessity for a perfect sacrifice – and the birth of “King Jesus – God’s Son – the Living Word.”

John 3:16: Jesus and Nicodemus in Jerusalem gives a wonderful connection between one of the most well known Bible verses with the story of the ruler who came to Jesus by night to question Jesus. Sometimes it’s easy to teach our kids Bible memory verses without putting them into context. This book is the perfect opportunity to teach the Gospel to your children in context of the story of Nicodemus.

Saul is Born Again is a story that is sometimes neglected in the traditional Bible storybooks. Reimann retells the story from Acts in a way that is faithful to the text, yet clear enough for kids to grasp. He handles Saul’s persecution past tactfully and I really appreciate how he details that Saul – who later became the Apostle Paul – was truly called by God Himself.

The Jesus Boat is a little bit different than the other books by Reimann. It starts by telling the story of two modern-day boys in Israel, Yuval and Moshe, who discover an archaeological find in the Sea of Galilee – an ancient boat from Biblical times! The author uses this story to lead into the true Biblical account of Jesus calming the storm. At the end of the book, he gives drawings and pictures showing some archaeological evidence of ancient Bible time boats. This book was probably our least favorite of the series – partly because of the rougher style artwork, but also because the segue between the stories didn’t seem to flow very smoothly.

I really appreciate how Reimann strives to accurately retell the Biblical accounts in a way that is approachable for children. Some of the rhyming and rhythm throughout the books was distracting because it wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked, but poetry is a very difficult thing to master – particularly when a factual narrative is at the heart of the text. Regardless, these books by Jim Reimann would be an excellent addition to your home library and will give your little ones a love for God’s Word.


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